Children in War
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Emmy Award


"A searing documentary."

John Leonard, CBS News Sunday Morning

"Children in War is a film not so much about children as by them. The Raymonds train their camera on the little faces and let the children speak. . . .Their small sad faces give a heartbreaking human dimension to a tragedy almost too big to comprehend rationally."

Barbara Crossette, The New York Times

Tutsi boy behind cyclone fence.
In the HBO documentary, an 11-year-old Tutsi boy describes watching his parents' slaying.
Sue and Alan Raymond in flak jackets
Susan and Alan Raymond spent two years in Bosnia, Israel, Rwanda, and Northern Ireland making HBO's Children in War.

"How is it that at the end of the twentieth century we perpetrate and tolerate such brutality and barbarism, particularly against the innocent? Children in War, through the simple moving answers of the children and youth, forces the viewer to see and feel in stark nakedness the horrific reality of our actions....Alan and Susan Raymond have made a wonderful, important contribution. Let us hope that Children in War and all the work that went into it stimulates change; it must be a call to action."

Everett Ressler, Senior Advisor on Emergency Planning for Children in Armed Conflict, UNICEF

"Children in War is extraordinary. The Raymonds have my deep admiration for what they have risked and achieved. Those of us who have covered such places and people, such conflicts and torments, know that they are seeing and caring about exactly the right and most precious things."

Scott Simon, National Public Radio

"Though the documentary may break your heart in new ways, it offers promise. . . it may conquer the indifference of people to situations that are occurring far away from the safety of their own backyard. Children in War is an invaluable historical record."
more by Nancy Randle . . .

Nancy Randle, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Two children standing in rubble.
The Raymonds address the sensitive and complex issue of the politicalization of children: How they can be wrongly drawn into conflicts.

Boy in front of Release the Prisoners graffiti.
A Catholic teenager describes what it's like to live in a city in Northern Ireland with 18-foot-high peace signs separating neighborhoods.

"Children in War has disturbing images and heart-wrenching stories that capture the impact of war and terrorism, as seen through the eyes of its most innocent victims, children. A powerful and compassionate report."

The Christian Science Monitor

"Devastating . . . . Children in War is a shattering piece of work."

Eric Mink, New York Daily News

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Children in War