Children in War
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"This book stands on its own as a powerful addition to the literature of witness ... [a] highly readable book that cannot be dismissed."

-School Library Journal

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ISBN: 1-57500-098-9
Hard Cover; 160 Pages with color and black & white photographs throughout
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Children in War
by Alan and Susan Raymond

More than two million
children have died in wars
in the last ten years.

This is their story.

In Children in War, based on their acclaimed television documentary, filmmakers Alan and Susan Raymond tell the tragic story of life during wartime through the voices of children in Bosnia, Israel, Rwanda, and Northern Ireland. Their stories, drawings, and photo images tell us of atrocities they have witnessed, losses they have suffered, and in some cases, hopes that still prevail.

The war in Bosnia lasted three years, produced three million refugees, and killed fifteen thousand children. Terrorism has been a way of life for Israeli children who live with the constant threat of suicide bombings and shelling attacks. At the same time, Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank have grown up under the oppression of Israeli military occupation. In Rwanda, eight hundred thousand people were killed in a mere three months, three hundred thousand of them children. The children of Northern Ireland, both Catholic and Protestant, have never known a lasting peace, and few think it will be achieved in their lifetimes.

Candid interviews with children in each of these countries, as well as psychologists and social workers who have helped many of these children deal with their trauma, display a wide array of emotions and provide startling insights into the complex causes of war and its real effects.

With full-color photographs of the artwork many of the children created in therapy sessions and an afterword by the filmmakers on the difficulties of bearing witness, Children in War is a powerful -- perhaps the ultimate -- anti-war statement.

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Children in War