Produced and Directed by
Alan Raymond
Susan Raymond

Written and Narrated by
Susan Raymond

Alan Raymond

Mark Brownstone

Location Sound Recordists
Steven Scancello
David Rainey
David Winston
Kathleen Burns
John Haptas

Post Production Sound Mixer
Mark De Simone

Post Production Video Editor
Julie Farol

Production Assistant
Michael Attie

Production Counsel
Joseph Martin Carasso

Tim Fisher

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Production Controller
Mary Jackson

Station Relations
Karen Fritz

Mary Stewart
Cecily VanPraagh

Supervising Producer
Jim Corbley

Executive Producer
Dalton Delan


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Special Thanks

Bishop Peter D. Weaver
Rev. Jim Wallis
Dr. Wally Fletcher
Rev. Melody Porter
Tim Janis
The Sinikithemba Choir
Barry Sames
Meg Okura
Rick Tate, Jr.
Mikki Kornegay
The Appalachia Service Project

and the congregation of

The First United Methodist Church of Germantown


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